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Friday, March 9, 2018

Glass Display Cabinet

The word 'display case' may bring to mind something fusty and old-fashioned. But it is not like this. Nowadays, we can see more and more of these Glass Items in stylish, modern homes. These are a great option if you need a little extra storage and like looking at your stuff, but want something a little more orderly and contained than a bookcase or open shelving.
Here, at Modern Furniture, we are dealing with custom made display cases and are offering wide range of glass options and designs. Display cases with glass shelves are creating the illusion of a higher ceiling and larger space. In our glass cabinets, glass shelves continue the transparency.
Sarah Corner Glass Display Cabinet

It is most common to use glass doors in a bar area or display cabinet.  Having a glass face, these display cabinets can be decorative, displaying decorative dishes and personal items. It's also great to help clear clutter off your table/worktop, and a dedicated space to display your knick-knacks.
Do not hesitate to contact our team and we’ll provide you with full information regarding all the custom products.