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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Glass Coffee Table

Glass has become an increasingly popular material in modern furniture design. The range of glass options affords tremendous scope to achieve almost magical translucent effects, further enhanced when pieces are positioned under favorable lighting conditions.
This high quality contemporary ‘classic glass coffee table’ provides an ideal focal point for any living space. This coffee table is not only stylish but highly functional as well. The Classic glass furniture range comprises of tables designed and manufactured to the highest of standards.
Boordini Glass Coffee Table

A feature found within this furniture range is the sturdy glass legs which ensure that these glass coffee tables will sit well on any floor surface. This glass furniture’s highly transparent appearance means it will work well in any period or style environment reflecting the light and brightening the room.

If you have something specific you want to display in one of our classic coffee tables contact us with the dimensions and we will show you the correct size.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Luxurious pieces of furniture - Mirrored Coffee Tables

Modern Furniture offers stunning mirrored coffee tables which are available in a wide variety of finishes and shapes. Our beautiful mirrored living room tables offer a fantastic solution which will add luxury and sparkle to your home.
We offer different custom made finishes of antique mirror and regular or colored mirror for coffee table. Our clear mirrored glass tables offer a classic luxury which will fit into almost any living room. Our bronze and grey mirrored finishes will work cohesively with popular light fittings for a contemporary design solution. We can provide you with the samples of antique mirror before placing the order, so you’ll see the actual finish of your table.
Prisma Mirrored Coffee Table

Our designers created a big collection of mirrored tables, where you can see the combinations of glass and mirror, regular mirror with antique one and blend of antique mirror finishes.
As we manufacture our mirrored coffee tables, we can offer made to measure solutions including very large coffee tables as required.

Just contact with your requirements.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Glass Display Cabinet

The word 'display case' may bring to mind something fusty and old-fashioned. But it is not like this. Nowadays, we can see more and more of these Glass Items in stylish, modern homes. These are a great option if you need a little extra storage and like looking at your stuff, but want something a little more orderly and contained than a bookcase or open shelving.
Here, at Modern Furniture, we are dealing with custom made display cases and are offering wide range of glass options and designs. Display cases with glass shelves are creating the illusion of a higher ceiling and larger space. In our glass cabinets, glass shelves continue the transparency.
Sarah Corner Glass Display Cabinet

It is most common to use glass doors in a bar area or display cabinet.  Having a glass face, these display cabinets can be decorative, displaying decorative dishes and personal items. It's also great to help clear clutter off your table/worktop, and a dedicated space to display your knick-knacks.
Do not hesitate to contact our team and we’ll provide you with full information regarding all the custom products.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Benefits of Glass Furniture

Lincoln Glass Table
If you want to achieve the elegant look of you home - we can offer you custom glass furniture. Before buying your custom glass furniture you need to know some advantages of it to make sure that it is really safe and reliable. Here are a few simple reasons which will show you what the glass furniture is.
For our custom made glass furniture we are using tempered glass which is stronger to regular glass by four to five times. It is also called strengthened glass, this durable surface is created through a chemical or heat treatment process whereby it is modified internally to withstand pressures that standard glass can never handle.
When broken, tempered glass fragments into small pieces sometimes called pebbles. Unlike regular glass which is known to shatter into jagged shards on impact, tempered glass breaks in a fragment pattern of blunt pebbles that are made to cling together. There is know reason to be afraid that the glass will hurt someone
Tempered glass is less sensitive to changes in temperature and can withstand high heat. This makes tempered glass a good choice for places where the sun beats in for several hours a day and where there will be direct contact with other heat sources. That’s why it is a great variant for Dining or Coffee table

If you have any question - feel free to contact our team and we’ll provide you with all the information
Fathy Glass Table